Our Partners

In order to fulfill our mission, we partnered with a few other companies / organizations. We will add them here as we are ready to make announcements.

🔒 Secured by Brink's

We partnered with Brink's, worldwide leader in secure storage and transportation of valuable assets. Using Brink's establishment in the space as well as their global network, we are able to provide not only the guarantee that collectibles are handled, transported and stored with utmost care, but also that we can do so in a scalable geographically as well as in the number of assets we will store as we expand.

🟧 Backed by Y Combinator

We are backed by Y Combinator and participating in the Winter 2022 batch. Y Combinator is a well-regarded startup incubator that has funded many successful companies, including Coinbase, OpenSea, Airbnb, Doordash, and Stripe.

🤝 Funding from NEA, VaynerFund, Cherry Ventures, OpenSea, and more

Read the press release or the full fundraising announcement.

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