Asset Storage & Insurance

How does storage of physical assets work?

Our partner, and global leader in security and storage Brink's, we are able to provide the best solution to securely handle, transport and store valuable collectibles. Courtyard will store assets in several vault facilities, which are entirely be operated by Brink's. As part of the process, each and every item is sealed and RFID tagged (in a non destructive way), so we can track them at all times and ensure they are not tampered with.

Where are the vaults located?

While we are not allowed to disclose the location of the vaults for security reasons, we guarantee that we will be able to ship items internationally. Over time, we will have several vaults in various continents to accommodate the markets and redemption trends.

Do I need to pay for the storage of my NFT?

No, Courtyard does not charge any fee for storing and insuring the asset associated with your NFT. You can keep it secure at no cost.

Can I send my collectible to Courtyard to tokenize it?

What happens if you lose or break the asset associated with my NFT?

All of the assets will be stored in a secured vault operated by Brink's, one of the leaders in security and storage. All Courtyard NFTs are insured at the market value of the corresponding asset when the item was deposited in the vault. While unlikely, in the event of loss or damage, we will reimburse the insured value of the asset to the wallet holder of the NFT.

How do you guarantee the authenticity of the physical assets you store?

We have 2 layers of security and authentication:
  1. 1.
    We only source the item from established dealers in the industry that have operated for many years in this field
  2. 2.
    We’re fortunate to have advisors and investors who bring experience with building companies that are now leaders in asset authentication in various categories of collectibles. Since our drops are curated and typically only feature limited amounts of one model at a time, we are able to examine details of the physical pairs closely and perform a second layer of authentication before the pairs are vaulted.
We are already working on building partnerships with established companies that have experience in authenticating collectible assets in various categories of collectibles. This will be key before we allow users to send their collection to Courtyard.