Asset Redemption & Shipping

Can I redeem the cards in my collection?

Yes! All cards are vaulted at Brink's and are redeemable worldwide at anytime.

For cards you own, you'll see a redeem button next to them when viewing them on After submitting a redemption request, you will need to go through our KYC process and pay for shipping and taxes. Note: to protect our platform from abuse, users are unable to redeem collectibles to alternate Brink's locations.

How are shipping costs calculated?

The shipping quote you receive includes insurance and signed delivery to ensure the safety of your cards while in transit – no additional fees are added from our end. While we recommend insurance and signature for your protection, you can always request to waive this once you're in contact with our support team about your redemption request. To estimate the shipping costs associated with redeeming your asset within the US, see Domestic Shipping Rates.

To estimate the shipping costs associated with redeeming your asset outside the US, see International Shipping Rates.

How are taxes calculated?

Customers in the United States are required to pay sales tax like they would pay on any regular physical item purchase in their Zip Code.

The sales tax is based on the monetary value of the last sale of the asset. We use that amount to calculate the taxes we charge the customer and remit to the states. Courtyard does not make any money on taxes we charge to customers.

Additionally, even when the sale of assets occurs between two users and is not sold by the platform itself, we are required to collect sales taxes and remit them to the states where the redemption takes place. This is the same process that is followed on eBay, Amazon, and many other online marketplaces in line with the South Dakota v. Wayfair Supreme Court Decision. To estimate your sales tax, enter your Zip Code and price paid in USD of your asset(s) here.

Customers outside of the US are required to pay customs & import taxes in line with your individual countries import taxation laws. See here for a list of countries/regions and associated import and customs taxes.

To which countries will you be able to ship the physical items?

Our secure storage partner Brink's is active in 150+ countries and has delivery partners in many of the remaining ones. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns regarding the ability to ship to your country and location. A list of countries where shipping is allowed can be found here.

How quickly can I get my product when I redeem?

This will depend on your shipping location and country given the shipping distance and potential customs paperwork that might be required. Packages in the United States will generally arrive within 3-5 business days of invoice processing, while shipping outside of the US may take longer depending on general shipping timelines to your country. If receiving your package as quickly as possible is important to you, please let us know and we can provide priority shipping for an extra charge.

Once you have redeemed your product, we will provide shipment tracking information to you so your package is visible every step of the way.

Can I get both my IRL asset and keep the digital version?

No. As long as a user keeps the digital version, Courtyard will maintain custody of the physical asset in the Brink's vault. If a user decides to receive the physical asset, we will burn the corresponding digital version.

Can I already burn my digital version to get the asset shipped to me?

You will not be able to burn your digital version by interacting directly with Courtyard’s smart contracts or by sending it to the null address. The redemption process, once available, includes some legally necessary procedures to follow on our website.

Redeem a card on Courtyard: Redeem sneakers on Sneaks: Please note that as indicated above, Courtyard and Sneaks are two separate entities. Users will be required to complete separate redemption processes depending on what is being redeemed.

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