KYC Process

What is KYC?

The KYC (Know Your Customer) process is an essential security measure we implement to ensure that assets are redeemed securely and accurately. By verifying your identity, we can confirm that the assets are being sent to the rightful owner, which helps prevent any unauthorized transactions or potential fraud.

How do you handle KYC?

We use Veriff to handle KYC. Veriff is a GDPR compliant vendor that has security audits available on their website for anyone to view. We do not receive any of the data, and Veriff's data is deleted after 90 days per our Standard Operating Procedure with them.

Why is KYC required?

As of now, there is no solution to guarantee KYC for each transaction on the blockchain. Owners of cards on can sell to any wallet holder on any web3 marketplace, and we do not have control of or visibility to the person behind that wallet.

Because of this, we require users to go through a KYC process before redeeming their cards. We will not be able to ship the cards if the KYC process has not been fulfilled. Note that KYC is a one-time process. Once your KYC submission is approved, you won't be asked to provide this information again. This helps streamline future transactions and ensures a smoother experience for you.

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