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Smart Contracts

Courtyard provides the addresses of contracts it has deployed for transparency and safety. When minting, always use the web frontend provided. Interacting directly with the smart contracts below is not advised and may result in the loss of gas or funds.

Ethereum Mainnet

Below are the addresses of Courtyard smart contracts deployed on Ethereum Mainnet:

Courtyard Checkout

The Courtyard checkout serves as the payment medium for services that are powered by Courtyard. There is currently a single one deployed on Ethereum ( called "InstantMintCheckout") and it also serves as an NFT Minter.

Sneaks Registry

The Sneaks registry is an ERC-721 contract where all Sneaks NFTs are minted. It is made of an upgradeable contract (proxy contract) to allow future use-cases and features to be implemented, and an implementation, which is the actual underlying code. Sneaks currently uses a single minting contract, which is the aforementioned Courtyard Checkout.
CourtyardRegistry (proxy contract): 0x3eA68344480890d582Ce7Fd7cBf3e7fD7Fc23C20
CourtyardRegistry (current impl): 0x2dd16A39a988dfa225fa7298d6060EB472AC5a4a

Polygon Mainnet

For Courtyard’s genesis drop - “Back to School” - contracts were deployed to Polygon.
CourtyardRegistry (proxy contract): 0x581425C638882bd8169dAe6F2995878927C9fE70
CourtyardRegistry (current impl): 0x21c2b92D3Cac51251947Fb229ce9C379464e7BaF
Genesis Drop: "Back To School": 0x3eA68344480890d582Ce7Fd7cBf3e7fD7Fc23C20
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