What is Courtyard.io?

At Courtyard.io, we’re on a mission to empower all kinds of collectors by pushing the boundaries of how people collect and trade.

Courtyard.io is a first-of-its-kind marketplace and tokenization service that enables anyone to easily own and trade physical collectibles on the blockchain, unlocking greater transparency, liquidity, and a powerful new form of ownership for collectors.

We store physical collectibles (primarily graded trading cards) in secured vaults, create 3D representations of these assets, and mint them on the blockchain. We're partnered with Brink's, the world leader in secure transportation and storage of valuable assets, to store these collectibles.

Why Courtyard?

Courtyard.io empowers everyone to focus on the timeless joy of collecting while tapping into blockchain-powered benefits such as:

Instant liquidity: there’s inherent friction and risks involved with selling collectibles. The process of listing, packaging, and shipping is time-consuming and susceptible to setbacks, from shipping delays to outright scams. Once tokenized and vaulted, collectibles can be bought and sold instantly worldwide without needing to be moved around each time, unlocking new levels of liquidity for the collectibles market.

1% revenue share: one of the things we’re excited about is the ability to reward curation. When someone tokenizes a card and sells it, they’ll continue to earn 1% of every future sale every time it gets resold onchain, something that the blockchain helps us track and automate.

Transparency: having all details about every transaction recorded onchain increases the level of transparency around previous ownership and pricing of collectibles. Having reliable provenance is something collectors value, and with the blockchain they can easily access all past owners and activity around a particular collectible.

Expanded buyer network: being on the blockchain allow sellers to reach more buyers across both credit card and crypto payments, all in one place

Lower fees: our onchain approach allows us to keep seller fees lower than traditional Web2 marketplaces, while users can also benefit from no sales tax on vault transactions

Power to discover and bid: so many collectibles are sitting in basements and closets and go unknown to the world unless a seller decides to list it somewhere. Collectibles that are onchain give collectors the power to discover and bid at any time — even on those collectibles that aren’t actively listed! This benefits the seller too, since they can simply accept an offer and instantly be paid out without ever having to list.

Community: collectors can tap into this powerful new form of ownership to display their collections digitally to the world. This not only increases visibility of available assets on the market but can also help create connections between collectors worldwide. We're already seeing this happen in our Discord.

These are only some of the ways that Courtyard.io is unlocking new value for collectors. We’re constantly listening to feedback from the community and experimenting with new ways to empower collectors even further.

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