Listing Guidelines

These Listing Guidelines (the “Listing Guidelines”) apply to you in the event that you list an Asset for sale on the Service. These Listing Guidelines supplement the Courtyard Terms of Service (“Courtyard Terms” and, together with the Listing Guidelines, the “Agreement”). By listing an Asset for sale on the Service, you represent that (1) you have read, understand, and agree to be bound by the Agreement; (2) you are of legal age and capacity to form a binding contract with Courtyard; and (3) you have the authority to enter into this Agreement personally (and, if you are using the Services on behalf of an entity, that you also have the authority to bind that entity to this Agreement). Capitalized terms used but not defined herein have the meaning given in the Courtyard Terms. If these Listing Guidelines conflict with the Courtyard Terms, the Listing Guidelines shall control solely with respect to such conflict.

a. Courtyard has the right, but not the obligation, to remove any Asset listing at any time. Courtyard exercises its sole judgment in allowing or disallowing certain assets, listings, smart contracts, and collections.

b. Assets, listings, smart contracts, collections, and other Content that Courtyard in its sole discretion deems inappropriate, disruptive, or illegal are prohibited on the Service. Courtyard reserves the rights to determine the appropriateness of listings on the Service and remove any Content, including any listing, at any time. If you create or offer an Asset, listing, smart contract, or collection in violation of these policies, we reserve the right to take corrective actions, as appropriate, including but not limited to removing the asset, listing, smart contract, or collection, deleting your Account, and permanently withholding any payments due and owed to you. Courtyard reserves the right to destroy inappropriate or illegal metadata stored on our servers.

c. The following Content is prohibited on the Service, whether included in or made available in or through Assets, listings, comments, messages, smart contracts, or collections that include metadata, or otherwise:

  1. Content that violates international or United States intellectual property laws;

  2. Content with a primary or substantial purpose in a game or application that violates international or United States intellectual property laws, promotes suicide or self-harm, incites hate or violence against others, degrades or doxes another individual, depicts minors in sexually suggestive situations, or is otherwise illegal in the United States;

  3. Content created or used primarily or substantially for the purpose of raising funds for known terrorist organizations (as listed on or as may be determined by Courtyard from time to time in its sole discretion);

  4. As determined in our sole and absolute discretion, NSFW Content and other Content that is intended to be age-restricted. Asset names, listings and their descriptions, smart contract names, and collections including profanity or overtly sexual Content are prohibited. A smart contract that contains NSFW Content is subject to being marked NSFW, even if the NSFW Content only represents a portion of the Content on the smart contract;

  5. Content that includes stolen Assets, Assets taken without authorization, and otherwise illegally obtained Assets. Listing illegally obtained Assets may result in your listings being cancelled, your Assets being hidden, or your Account being suspended or terminated.

  6. Content that is illegal or offensive, or Content that includes or uses profanity or graphic language.

If you become aware of the creation, listing, or buying of assets in violation of any of the terms specified in this section, please contact us immediately at to report it.

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