Connect Your Collectible

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What is Connect Your Collectible?

Connect your collectible is a new service from Courtyard that enables customers to take advantage of our tokenization infrastructure. Customers can ship their collectibles to the Courtyard vault (secured by Brink’s), and receive a Connected Collectible (NFT) of that product in return. The NFT is redeemable at anytime for the actual physical product and can be traded on any NFT compatible marketplace.

How does tokenization work?

When you ship your collectible to our vault we will scan / photograph your asset and create a state of the art 3D model from those pictures. The NFT will be minted directly to your wallet after creation. Once you have the NFT you are free to sell it, take bids, or hold it and display it online anywhere you’d like.

What marketplaces will my NFT work with?

Your Connected Collectible can be traded on any NFT compatible marketplace, including the Courtyard marketplace and OpenSea.

How do I make passive income from my collectible?

When you ship an asset to Courtyard for tokenization, your wallet will be listed as the “originator” of that asset. After the first sale of your asset from your wallet, the originator will receive a 1% revenue share of each subsequent sale of the NFT every time it is sold. The revenue stream ends when the physical item is redeemed from the Courtyard Vault.
For example: If the originator sells their Connected Collectible to another collector, the first transaction will be treated as any regular transaction on an NFT marketplace. After that first sale, if the person who purchased the Connected Collectible from the originator decides to sell it, the originator will receive 1% of the revenue from that sale. Until the Connected Collectible is burned and the physical asset is redeemed the asset originator will receive 1% of the revenue on every sale of the asset they originally provided on the marketplace.

Are these assets redeemable?

All Connected Collectibles stored at the Courtyard vault are redeemable at anytime.

Where is my asset stored?

Assets are stored at the Courtyard vault in the central United States. Assets are stored under bank-grade security by Brink’s. See more info about our vault here.

Is the product insured?

Your product is insured at all times. We insure your asset in transit to the vault, while in the vault, and when shipped back out during redemption.

Who pays for shipping?

If you have assets that you want to tokenize, Courtyard will pay for shipping to have your assets shipped to our vault.
Upon redemption, shipping costs are charged to the redeemer based on their location and distance from our vault. See more about redemption costs and shipping charges on our redemption page here.

How quickly is the Connected Collectible created after I send in my physical asset?

The turnaround on your Connected Collectible will depend on how long your asset takes to get to our vault. From the time you ship your asset to Courtyard, it will generally take 1-2 weeks for us to authenticate the asset, create the 3D rendering and mint it to your wallet. If you are an international customer, the timeline may be extended due to the time it takes assets to get to our vault for processing.

When will this go live?

We are gradually rolling out this feature. If you are interested in shipping your assets to Courtyard, please join the waitlist via our website and we’ll be in touch when we start accepting assets.

What is Courtyard VIP?

Courtyard VIP is our complimentary concierge service for early adopters with notable collections. Courtyard VIP includes:
  • Priority tokenization with dedicated onboarding from our collectibles concierge team
  • Zero risk or financial commitment. Shipping and insurance is provided
  • Collectors can redeem unsold assets for free, at anytime
  • A Brink's truck for assets +$100K
  • Additional legal contract for greater peace of mind (if requested)
  • Courtyard will travel to secure and tokenize their assets in person, anywhere in the US (if requested)

How do I get access to Courtyard VIP?

If you believe your collection meets this criteria, email [email protected]