Twitter: @sneaks_nft What is Sneaks? Sneaks is a new concept that enables collectors to buy, sell, and trade physical sneakers on the blockchain. Every month, we highlight a coveted IRL sneaker from different brands, share its story, and release a limited number of pairs as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain at market price. How does it work? Collectors can choose their specific size and use Courtyard’s checkout to seamlessly mint a physical pair of shoes as a Connected Collectible. Each authenticated physical pair is insured and stored at Brink’s, the leader in global secure logistics and valuables transportation. This ensures the highest levels of security and accountability for physical asset storage. The buyer is simultaneously issued a Connected Collectible NFT complete with an identical 3D rendering of the sneakers to show off virtually (left), while the metadata contains a photo of the corresponding physical pair (below). The NFT acts as a digital receipt for proof of ownership and authenticity, and enables the physical asset to be traded on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea without having to be moved or re-authenticated at each sale. Owners can hold, trade, or at any point, they can burn the NFT to have the physical pair shipped anywhere in the world. How do I know the shoes are authentic? We only source from established dealers in the industry that have operated for many years. We’re also fortunate to have advisors and investors who bring experience with building companies that are now leaders in asset authentication in various categories of collectibles. Since our drops are curated and typically only feature limited amounts of one model at a time, we are able to examine details of the physical pairs closely and perform a second layer of authentication before the pairs are vaulted.

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