Genesis Collection Migration

TL;DR - On October 30th we are migrating the genesis collection of Pokémon cards from Polygon to Ethereum Mainnet, a long-standing request and something that will be in the best long-term interest of the collection. Courtyard will cover minting/airdropping the collection to owners on Ethereum, so no action is required from any holders.

Migration Overview

We will be migrating the Pokémon card genesis collection from Polygon to Ethereum Mainnet. To make the process as smooth as possible, Courtyard will cover all costs associated with minting and airdropping the new NFTs to owners on Ethereum.
The migration is currently planned for Sunday, October 30th and will be completed within a few hours.
When we launched the collection back in March, daily gas wars on Ethereum were extremely prevalent. On a good day, you’d typically be looking at ~$50 in gas fees per transaction at a minimum. We wanted to create an optimized collecting experience with low gas fees for minting and subsequent trading, and for that Polygon was the best option.
That said, we’ve since found that Polygon adds a layer of friction with the collecting experience, especially for newcomers who aren’t familiar with Polygon or even existing collectors who experience long wait times when bridging funds over to list, purchase or place bids. Gas wars on Ethereum are no longer as frequent or severe as they were months ago, and our new collections (i.e. Sneaks) have been built on top of Ethereum with great results. By migrating the genesis collection, we can ensure that it’s set up for success in the long run and create a better experience for our holders.
The collection on Polygon will be locked just before the migration (to prevent last-minute ownership changes) and recreated on Ethereum, with no change to any revealed/unrevealed cards. Afterward, the Polygon collection will be made permanently inactive with new metadata to indicate the change, while the collection lives on in the new Ethereum version.

Additional Information

Will collection stats (i.e. total volume, sales history, etc) remain the same?
It’s unfortunately not possible to transfer collection stats across networks. We are making this change with the long run in mind and believe that having the collection on Ethereum will encourage more fluid trading activity, so we’re confident that stats will be re-built over time.
After the migration, what happens with the NFTs that were on Polygon? If I owned one, will it still be in my wallet?
Yes, but as the entire Polygon collection will be rendered inactive, it won’t be possible to interact with them. The metadata will be updated to reflect the new state and redirect people to the collection on Ethereum. We may move forward with more a permanent burn option at a later date, but for now you can consider them POAPs of sorts that mark your involvement with the OG Polygon collection!
Can we verify that no changes will be made to the distribution of cards behind sealed packs?
The token ID, which is the proof of integrity, will not be changing when we clone the collection on Ethereum. You will own the same token IDs as you did on Polygon, which proves that the hidden metadata has not changed.
Will the reveal mechanism for sealed packs work on ETH?
Will the collection on ETH be verified on OpenSea?
We are working to get this in place.