Curate Your Showroom

Design and build a stunning showcase for all of your physical collectibles for anyone with an internet connection to see and interact with.

Create fully virtual showrooms and customize the layout of your collectibles to your preference. Hop in the room to view all your collectibles at a glance, or invite others in to check out the collection you’ve curated – they can even buy or place offers on your collectibles from directly within the room.

Platforms like Oncyber enable collectors to easily construct these kinds of immersive display rooms for their connected collectibles. To get started:

  1. Login to Oncyber with your digital wallet that stores your connected collectibles (i.e. Metamask, Rainbow Wallet, etc.).

  2. Select a free space to start creating in. There are limited edition spaces that can be purchased, but first-time curators are encouraged to start for free to try things out.

  3. Set up your space by clicking on the squares to add connected collectibles from the wallets you’re logged in with.

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