List Your Collectibles For Sale

Listing your connected collectible for sale only takes a few clicks. No need to snap pictures, fill out detailed listings, or bother with packaging/shipping.

When you’re ready to put your collectibles up for grabs, you have multiple Web3 marketplaces to choose from. For the purposes of this section, will focus on the marketplace. Your collectibles are always discoverable on the blockchain, which unlocks an incredible new seller ability for you to receive offers without even listing! If an offer is enticing enough to accept, you can accept and bypass the below listing steps altogether.

To list your collectible for sale: 1. Open the details page of the collectible you're looking to list and click "List for sale"

2. In the pop-up window, set your price and confirm by clicking "List for sale"

3. That's it! Note: if you have your external wallet set as your default wallet in settings, you'll need to confirm the transaction in your wallet to have the listing go live – completely gas-free.

Additional Questions

What happens if my connected collectible doesn't sell?

Your collectible didn't get any takers the first time you put it up for sale or auction? No stress! Thanks to our partnership with Brink's, you can continue to keep the physical securely vaulted and insured until you want to try listing again. And of course at any point, you can opt to disconnect your connected collectible to have the physical safely shipped back to you.

Do I still own the physical once the connected collectible is sold?

No, there is always a 1:1 relationship between the digital and the physical. This means that whoever owns the connected collectible is the owner of the corresponding physical asset as well.

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