Tokenize & Vault Collectibles

Get started for free on Currently US only. provides a service that enables anyone to tokenize and vault their collectibles. Users can ship their collectibles to our Brink’s vault and have it minted directly to their digital wallet. The digital version can be instantly traded worldwide on any compatible Web3 marketplace and is redeemable 24/7 for the identical physical collectible. Currently we only accept graded cards shipped from within the US, though we plan to expand this more broadly.

How does it work?

To get started, head to and click the 'Submit my cards' button

  1. Share some details about your cards, download a prepaid insured shipping label, and drop off at your local USPS. Or ship directly to the vault from another marketplace (more info here).

  2. After your package arrives at Brink’s, your card is authenticated and processed.

  3. We securely store your card and mint it directly to your digital wallet.

That's it! You can then carry your collection wherever you go, instantly choose when to list for sale, transfer directly to a friend – your cards, your terms.

What marketplaces are supported?

Your card can be traded on the marketplace, OpenSea, and any compatible Web3 marketplace.

How do I get revenue share from my collectible?

When you ship an asset to Courtyard for tokenization, your wallet will be listed as the “originator” of that asset. After the first sale of your asset from your wallet, the originator will receive 1% revenue share from each subsequent sale of the card every time it is sold. The revenue stream ends when the physical item is redeemed from our vault.

For example: If the originator sells their 1st Edition Charizard to another collector, the first transaction will be treated as any regular transaction on an Web3 marketplace. After that first sale, if the person who purchased the card from the originator decides to sell it, the originator will receive 1% from that sale. Until the card is redeemed from the vault, the asset originator will receive 1% on every sale of the asset they originally tokenized and vaulted.

Note that this does not apply to cards purchased through our drops.

Are these assets redeemable?

All collectibles stored at the Courtyard vault are redeemable worldwide at anytime.

For cards you own, you'll see a redeem button next to them when viewing them on You can also access the redemption request forms here.

Where is my asset stored?

Assets are stored at the Courtyard vault in the central United States. Assets are stored under bank-grade security by Brink’s. See more info about our vault here.

Is the product insured?

Your product is insured at all times. We insure your asset in transit to the vault, while in the vault, and when shipped back out during redemption.

Who pays for shipping?

We cover the cost of shipping to have your assets delivered to our vault.

Upon redemption, shipping costs are charged to the redeemer based on their location and distance from our vault. See more about redemption costs and shipping charges on our redemption page here.

How quickly is the card minted after I send in my physical asset?

The turnaround time depends on how long your asset takes to get to our vault. From the time you ship your asset to Courtyard, it will generally take 1-2 weeks for us to authenticate the asset, create the 3D rendering and mint it to your wallet.

Have questions? Join our community of helpful collectors on Discord and Twitter, or feel free to email us directly at

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