Ship Direct Option

TLDR: You can ship graded cards directly to Courtyard for tokenization from other US marketplaces and grading services. We accept cards from trusted marketplaces as long as you follow our short process below.

Courtyard is now accepting graded trading card assets shipped directly from online marketplaces and grading companies. If you see an asset you want to tokenize from another online marketplace or grading company, you can ship your asset directly to our Brink’s vault for tokenization. Our vault team will receive, scan, and tokenize your asset upon reception and the corresponding connected collectible will be minted directly to your wallet.

What assets are accepted through CYC Direct?

Currently we are only accepting graded trading cards from one of following grading companies:

In the future we plan to grow our asset base to include graded coins, comics, and other collectibles and memorabilia.

How does it work?

Please review the below prior to shipping anything directly to the vault.

1. When checking out on your preferred website, simply provide the following shipping address:

BGS Courtyard

3635 W. 1820 S.

Salt Lake City, UT 84104

2. Inform Courtyard of your shipment:

After shipping your item(s) to the vault, fill out this form to tell us a few basic details about what you’re sending in. Most importantly, we’ll need to know your account email, what you're sending, and the shipment ID / tracking number so our vault team knows which products to associate with your account.

3. Minting process:

Our team will be in touch with you within 2 business days of the above form submission to confirm your shipment has been registered. Once our vault team receives your shipment, you will receive an email confirmation, and a final email once the item is minted to your wallet.

Important Notes:

If we receive an item without a corresponding form submission we will simply hold the asset at our vault without minting it. If you send an asset, it's critical to submit your information through the form.

Because Courtyard does not control the shipment of the assets to our vault, we can not help with any shipping problems on the way to our vault, and all shipping inquiries must be handled with the party that made the sale. Unlike our current Connect Your Collectible process, we do not insure packages from other vendors and are not liable for damages or lost packages on the way to the vault.

Once the item is received in our vault, turnaround time for minting can vary. Given security restrictions, new asset scanning at the vault only takes place twice per week. If an asset is received right before a scanning session, your minting process will be much faster than if an asset is received directly after. We will be sure to let you know when you can expect your items to be minted.

If you send us an ungraded trading card, or another asset type that we don't support yet, you may be held responsible for return shipping of your item. We will invoice you through our payments processing platform on Square.

Currently only US residents are eligible to receive 1% revenue share on tokenized cards.

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