Converting legacy USDC to new native USDC

Tl;dr: USDC has been upgraded and all legacy USDC must be converted to continue to participate in drops, create listings, make offers, or purchase cards on

On 10/10/2023, Polygon and Circle announced a new native USD Coin (USDC). If you have:

  1. USDC in your Courtyard or external wallet OR

  2. Have cards listed for sale in USDC on Courtyard

you will need to convert your legacy USDC and listings to the new native USDC.

This will not cost anything and will only take a few moments. Important: as noted in the FAQ below, if you only have USDC in your Courtyard wallet, it will convert automatically so no action is required.

Get started by logging into and clicking on the pop-up. Note that if you do not have USDC or listings, no action is required and you won't see a pop-up.

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What happens if I don’t convert my legacy USDC and listings to the new native USDC? During the migration period, you will be prompted to convert your USDC each time you log in. After a certain date (TBA), legacy USDC will not be visible within Courtyard.

Note: If you miss this window, we will provide a support tool to recover legacy USDC

What is changing in USDC? USDC (Circle) has made changes to make USDC native on Polygon. More information here. USDC is always backed 1:1 by US dollars and is one of the most trusted digital dollars.

Will this cost me anything? Nope!

Will this impact my current bids? Yes. All current bids will be invalidated and you will need to replace your bids.

Will this impact my current listings? Yes. You will need to transfer these listings with the tool. Make sure to migrate all listings first to ensure that you will get new USDC in your wallet (and not have to go through the full process again).

Do I need to do this if I use a Courtyard wallet? Your USDC in your Courtyard wallet will automatically be converted — no action required.

If you have listings, you will need to convert your listings. If not, no action is required.

Do I need to do this if I use my own external wallet? Yes. You will be prompted to do this for your USDC balance and listings. To convert to the new native USDC, you will need to sign once on your wallet. To convert your listings you will need to sign twice (first to cancel the listing, then to list again).

Will I need to convert more than once? Possibly. If you accept offers from a user that placed it in legacy USDC or send legacy USDC to fund your wallet, you will need to convert again.

Where should I buy new native USDC? We recommend purchasing USDC on Polygon from Coinbase or directly within Courtyard using Ramp.

Can I migrate multiple times? Yes, you convert your new native USDC back to legacy USDC but it will not be compatible with Courtyard.

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