Press Coverage

A roundup of articles, podcasts, interviews, etc. that is featured in. This section will be regularly updated.

◦ Decrypt Feature: ◦ NFT Now Feature: ◦ NFT Culture Feature:

◦ Neustreet Podcast:

◦ Future of NFT Podcast:

◦ What The Luxe Podcast:

◦ Coin Telegraph Article:

◦ Seed Stories Podcast:

◦ Blockster Interview:

◦ Business Insider Funding Article:

◦ Funding Press Release:

◦ Sneaks ONE37pm Article & Podcast:

◦ Business Insider Y Combinator Article:

◦ TechCrunch Article:

◦ ONE37pm Article & Podcast:

◦ Brink's Partnership Press Release:

◦ Y Combinator Profile:

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